13th Oct 2022

Small and medium businesses are set to benefit from new 5G mobile plans

5G has the potential to change the game for small and medium businesses (SMBs) across various industries. While many use cases for 5G focus on blue sky thinking, the reality is that SMBs can start benefiting from 5G connectivity right now with applications that already exist.

That’s why TPG Telecom, a leading Australian telco that owns and operates its own tier one, carrier-grade network, has introduced Business First, a range of 5G mobile plans and options for SMBs. These plans are affordable, easy to manage, and provide the flexibility needed for growing businesses.

The potential for 5G in a small business

While the Australian business landscape continues to digitally transform, many SMBs believe that leading-edge technologies remain out of reach. Connectivity can be a significant barrier to business productivity, with 68 per cent of businesses saying operations were constrained by network speeds and performance.[1]

While SMBs may previously have been content with 4G speeds or a fixed, wired connection, the working environment has changed. Remote working has become widespread and attracting top talent requires SMBs to be able to offer flexibility as well as recruit from diverse locations. For organisations with field-based workers, improved connectivity is essential to be productive and competitive.

This means SMBs could benefit by considering the potential for 5G to improve connectivity, support new technologies to achieve business goals, and improve the user experience for team members.

Ways to use 5G

5G is significantly faster and more efficient than 4G. This will let SMBs adopt bandwidth-hungry technologies that may previously have been out of reach. Some of the ways SMBs can harness the potential of 5G include:

  • using Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, artificial intelligence (AI) and automated systems to determine when conditions such as air quality or temperature in a small factory have become unsafe, then automatically increase air flow or alert workers to take a break
  • operating cameras and AI to confirm that on-site workers are properly inducted and are wearing the appropriate safety gear before commencing work
  • sharing plans and other large files between the job site and the office to ensure actions are carried out correctly
  • providing augmented reality (AR) capabilities to field technicians to overlay schematics or other useful information, helping them to fix or maintain equipment without requiring a second call-out or having to engage a senior colleague
  • keeping workers safe when they are required to enter customers’ homes by transmitting live video of the interaction
  • letting customers try on clothes virtually using AR
  • supporting out-of-office workers with faster connectivity and the ability to access systems and data with an experience that’s comparable to being in the office. The possibilities are exciting and broad, with real-world applications for 5G that could help SMBs scale up significantly.

Choosing the right 5G provider

SMBs can benefit by partnering with a 5G provider that will be there for the long haul, offers cost-effective pricing, and can deliver the reliability and flexibility that SMBs need. It’s preferable to choose a telco that owns and operates its own world-class, carrier-grade network. This means you’re not working with third parties but, instead, you’re working directly with the network owner, so issues can be identified and acted on as a priority.

It’s also advisable to choose a telco with broad coverage. TPG Telecom’s mobile network offers over 80 per cent 5G population coverage in 10 of Australia’s largest cities and regions (with a compatible device and service plan).[2] TPG Telecom’s 5G network uses spectrum in the 700MHz band, which is superior when it comes to reaching across wide distances and providing deep indoor 5G coverage in urban and suburban areas.[3]

We offer a range of 5G plans and options to suit your small business. Contact the TPG Telecom team today to find out more.

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