TPG Telecom, a leading Australian telco that owns and operates a tier one, network, has introduced a range of 5G mobile plans and options for public and private-sector organisations of any size. These plans will let organisations leverage the significant potential of 5G to increase competitiveness, productivity, and agility.

5G networks deliver unprecedented speeds and business capabilities

The Australian business landscape is increasingly digital. Beyond emails and online meetings, businesses are taking advantage of cloud-based systems and data, while also exploring the potential for new technology. For example, being able to send rich content such as videos to customers without the frustration caused by insufficient bandwidth could create new ways for organisations to create connections. Or, being able to leverage augmented and virtual reality could let businesses work in new and more productive or profitable ways.

However, some organisations are still grappling with issues such as laggy video calls in which people have to turn off their camera to avoid their screens freezing. Or, employees working remotely may experience delays in accessing important information: according to Gartner, the most common reason for decreased productivity in remote Australian workers since the start of the pandemic was a lack of reliable connectivity.1

5G networks stand to change that with significantly increased speeds that will improve the user experience for workers. What makes 5G better than 4G? 5G is the next generation of wireless technology and it is significantly faster than 4G. This typically results in noticeable improvements in the user experience. There are numerous ways 5G can deliver better experiences:

  • users may be able to download a high-definition video in just seconds rather than minutes
  • important presentations may be less prone to dropouts or video lag
  • technicians may be able to use augmented reality to get on-the-job training from senior team members who are located elsewhere
  • workers may be able to manage dangerous or far away equipment without physically attending the site
  • decision-makers may be able to leverage artificial intelligence to determine the next best action in real time
  • Internet of Things sensors may make autonomous cars and public transport a reality.

Essentially, superfast connectivity means workers will be able to access the data and systems they need, when they need them, reliably.

How can my business benefit from 5G?

5G networks deliver better performance in terms of speed and efficiency. This means businesses can adopt new technologies with confidence, even if those technologies that require. connected devices to communicate with each other across the network.

Because 5G is a mobile technology, this also means that businesses can untether their workers from desks and other fixed locations to be productive elsewhere. Field workers will no longer have to return to base to fill out essential paperwork. Workers will be able to be genuinely productive from wherever they have 5G coverage.

Faster connectivity means workers no longer have to wait for information to download (or upload). Instead, they can work at pace and be more productive.

How do I choose the right 5G provider?

While 5G will be available from a number of providers, it’s important to choose a telco that owns and operates its own first-class, carrier-grade network. This gives you peace of mind that your 5G connection will have maximum uptime and that any potential issues are resolved as a priority. Organisations that choose a carrier with a proven and trusted history of innovation in 5G stand to benefit from 5G’s potential.

It’s important to minimise risk when investing in 5G. That’s why businesses choose TPG Telecom Business First. This 5G offering builds on TPG Telecom’s leadership as a tier one carrier that understands the technology of 5G as well as the business benefits that it can unlock.

Our mobile network offers over 80 per cent 5G population coverage in 10 of Australia’s largest cities and regions with a compatible device and service plan)2 Our 5G network uses spectrum in the 700MHz band, which is superior when it comes to reaching across wider distances and providing deep indoor 5G coverage in urban and suburban areas.3

We offer a range of 5G plans and options to suit your business. Contact the TPG Telecom team today to find out more.

Combining 5G with the power of self-service provisioning

In the past, IT teams were in charge of provisioning mobile phones and plans. However, today’s fast-moving worker wants more freedom and flexibility. The IT team needs to focus on innovation and competitive advantage, not signing up users to plans.

To solve this challenge, TPG Telecom has introduced Frontier, an online self-service portal that empowers staff to manage communication services. This can help lower costs, increase control, deliver better user satisfaction, and let workers get on with the job rather than requiring their Service Provider to action moves, adds, and changes.

Learn more about how Frontier can help your organisation unlock the potential of 5G. Contact us today.